pavo 1.4

Version 1.4 of pavo is working its way through CRAN, and will become available over the next day or so. Lots of tweaks and fixes:


  • getspec() can now read OceanOptics .ProcSpec files
  • added the visual system of Ctenophorous ornatus, the (trichromatic) ornate dragon lizard


  • getspecf (and the argument fast = TRUE in getspec) have been deprecated
  • summary.rspec() returned incorrect values for S7. If you use S7, please re-run your analyses


  • summary.rspec() now properly outputs NA for monotonically decreasing spectra
  • fixed warning when subset.rspec was provided with a logical vector
  • fixed harmless warning when summary.colspace() was used on a tcs object
  • by argument in merge.rspec() is no longer ignored
  • fixed bug in voloverlap() when plot = TRUE
  • fixed bug in vismodel() when transmission has more than one column
  • fixed bug in vismodel() that applied von Kries correction to achromatic channel
  • added argument fill=FALSE in voloverlap()
  • fixed bug in jndplot() when suppressing the plotting of arrows
  • better handling of subset data when using summary.colspace() and summary.vismodel()
  • fixed bug in coldist() when noise = "quantum" and achro = TRUE were used
  • fixed bug in jndplot() when arrow = "none" and achro = TRUE
  • spec2rgb() now takes into account the 390-400 nm wavelength range into account when possible
  • as.rspec() no longer fails with tibbles
  • bin option of procspec() now works for all values of bins
  • non-relative quantum catches from dataframe object were not correctly scaled in di”, tri”, categorical” and coc” colspaces
  • fixed a bug in colspace where it would incorrectly infer a preference for a general trichromatic space, when a cie model is more appropriate
  • fixed a bug so that cie color matching functions can be more easily be used in a general trichromatic space (i.e. maxwell triangle)
July 14, 2018

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