The colour and the shape

Endler et al’s Boundary Strength Analysis is now out in the wild, and offers some interesting ideas on how to understand and analyse colour pattern geometry. The method, along with it predecessor the adjacency analysis, are implemented in the development version of pavo which should be released in the next month or so.

…2.Here we describe Boundary Strength Analysis (BSA), a novel way to combine the geometry of the edges (boundaries among the patch classes) with the receptor noise estimate (ΔS) of the intensity of the edges. The method is based upon known properties of vertebrate and invertebrate retinas. The mean and SD of ΔS (mΔS, sΔS) of a colour pattern can be obtained by weighting each edge class ΔS by its length, separately for chromatic and achromatic ΔS. This assumes those colour patterns, or parts of the patterns used in signalling, with larger mΔS and sΔS are more stimulating and hence more salient to the viewers. BSA can be used to examine both colour patterns and visual backgrounds…

August 7, 2018